Pandamania: Setbacks and calling time

On the Monday after jes and I purchased the Panda, I headed over to his place to start with fixing it up. Our plan was to start with the brakes, so I did a bit more clearing out and then started removing the callipers on the right-hand side of the car:

In the meanwhile, jes started trying to clean out the piston from one of the callipers, with the aid of a blowtorch (you can even see a little flame as something burns away from the calliper in the second photo below):

Things were looking pretty positive until we decided to start wrapping up towards 8pm. We peeled off some of the tape that was holding the door together, and whole chunks of what used to be door (but was now rust) simply fell right off the body. Looking underneath the car was not much more encouraging; there’s a massive hole in the body just underneath the car door sill. The amount of rust on the car is somewhat ridiculous, and we don’t really have the time or the tools to begin fixing it.

Unfortunately, this means we’re going to be selling the car on to people who might break it for parts or are able to do all the work it needs to get it running again. We also have a load of spare parts to sell, and jes reckons we might still be able to make money on the entire venture. I’m slightly more skeptical, but we shall see how things pan out. It’s been a slightly disappointing affair on the whole, but I’ve learnt a reasonable bit about how car brakes work, as well as the dangers of letting my enthusiasm run wild, so perhaps there’s still a slight silver lining to this cloud.

I’ll close with a few parting shots of the car that nearly could: